WallView An Internet - Enabled Advertising Platform.

Ads can be displayed across a network of inter-connected display screens and updated on a daily basis.

Cycle your ads or display fixed messages

Dynamic signs supercharge your business

Turn simple TVs into multi-media signs to display your menu or featured entries.

Create an advertising business

Host a Wallview display to create advertising for local businesses.

Display jobsite messages

Messages can be fixed or cycled dynamically to direct traffic or update emergency messaging.

Advertising platform

Use any TV or screen
to display what’s important to your team

WallView User Models

WallView users upload advertising content for use in creating advertising campaigns using the WallView dashboard tools. Advertising campaigns can then be directed to show in specific displays for pre-defined time intervals.


Private users

Private users with their own on-site display may show only their private content. These users can select a simple subscription plan adequate to their storage space requirements.



Advertisers preferring to simply place Ads in remote display sites can purchase 30-second time slots for a number of display sites, specifying the desired sites and the Ad display period.


Host companies

Host companies may prefer a combined model, using a portion of the play list for their private content, and allowing display of 3rd-party ads for a fee. Hosts will receive a portion of the fees generated by ad revenue.


Create and Publish Menus

Use Menu Maker to design master menus with predefined graphics, photos, videos and product descriptions. The master menu can be pushed to each remote locations, with location-specific pricing for menu items. This enables control of corporate imagery and brand identification, while allowing franchisor control of local pricing. Menu prices can be set to vary by date and time.

Data Upload and
Display Cycle


WallView for Android TV users

WallView messaging can display directly on Android TVs (no Wi-Fi interface required)

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